In case you couldn’t guess, today’s comic is dedicated to my own father. This is one of my favorite bad jokes he (like all fathers) told me once when growing up. I just remember how proud he was of it, thinking about it always makes me smile.

So to all you fathers out there be it of man, beast, or machine, happy belated Father’s Day!

In other news, last Friday I was lucky enough to be featured on Draw Me A Robot where I got to talk about my workspace and draw a robot. Check it out and see all the cartoonists’ workspaces that are featured there, it’s an awesome site/collection and I am honored to be part of it!

Also, yesterday saw the start of Nameless PCs first weekly contest entitled “Name This PC”, where I draw a PC and you get to name him/her. I’m giving everyone until Wednesday to submit their name/PC they’d like to see drawn!

To get more information and enter click here and be sure to come back next Monday for a chance to name a NEW PC.

Thanks and happy Tuesday!