In case you haven’t heard… I’m going to Gen Con!

I’ve never been to a gaming convention (or I think really any convention) before, so I’m really REALLY excited about this, and to celebrate I thought I would start a new pseudo-contest here at Nameless PCs and that is (cue trumpets) NAME THIS PC.

Each Monday, I will draw a PC and you’ll have the chance to name him or her, and the following week I’ll put a high resolution image up of them on the Freebies page under the winning name!

“But Wesley” you say, “that isn’t much of a prize at all”. To which I respond, you’re right! So to sweeten the deal, I’ll also let the winner choose the race & class of the next week’s “Name this PC”. All you have to do is give me a name for the PC below and the race/class of the next PC you’d like to see in a comment below (if you don’t want to pick a race/class just give me a name and I will go where the wind directs me for the follow week if you win :D).

Also if you like a name, don’t hesitate to comment on it saying “THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!” or something to that effect.

So go ahead and get to naming and I’ll see you at Gen Con!


Click to see this guy larger & then go and name him