I’ve got to start off by thanking my friend Adam Richards for introducing me to the awesomeness that is Nardwuar The Human Serviette.


Click for a larger Nardwuar!

For those of you not in the know, Nardwuar is a Canadian celebrity interviewer (perhaps the greatest in all of Canada) who specializes in interviewing musicians, but will interview any celebrity. His interviews are a crazed mix of random facts, stories, and questions that often leave the interviewee confused. It’s a real fun experience to see the interviewee being caught off guard and shocked by the information that Nardwuar is able to find (two to one odds that he works for the NSA).

It can be a kinda confusing experience, but it’s real fun to watch, in fact lets watch one now:

I’ve recently have become super fascinated with him and his interview style, so be sure to check him out on Twitter and checkout his page for all of his interviews from Dan Quayle to Wesley Willis and back again!

So Nardwaur, keep on Rocking in the free world and Doot Doola Doot Doo…