Hello again and welcome to the second week of our weekly contest entitled “Name This PC”.

If you weren’t here for last week’s contest, this is how it works: I give you a nameless PC & you pick their name by leaving a comment to this post. Also in your post, feel free (if you want) to leave a suggest for the race and class of next week’s nameless PC. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday night, announce it when posting Thursday’s comic & put it up on the Freebies Page with it’s new official name for the world to see!

Beside’s winning I will take the suggested race and class and draw a PC fitting the description to be named next week.

So without further ado, here is this week’s nameless PC a “Halfling Cleric” as suggested by last week’s winner Matt.

halfling-clericAlso feel free to name an RPG outside of D&D, I’m always up for the challenge.