Let’s all resolve to be nicer to each other, or at least just not be bigots, this next year!

In other news, this is Nameless PCs 200th comic! WAHOO!! To think all of this started back about 3 years ago when I was asked to draw a comic for a gaming site. This little comic has come a long way and I hope it has a long way to go, I look forward to pushing myself further next year and making this comic better drawn, better written, and just generally better put together.

To celebrate this 200th comic and this being the last comic of 2013, I put together a list of my favorite 20 comics from the last year, I’m going to put them from oldest to newest since ranking them would be too hard, so here we go!

1) Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

This is the first comic that used the “Wesley” Avatar as a character. Checkout the early version of the solid line nose and the much more gritty hairline. Plus it happens to be a very true story. Double fun!

2) A Diatribe About Driving

Driving has and probably always will scare me to no end and I will do almost everything to wiggle out of driving any chance I get. I feel this comic really captured the “reasoning” behind that fear and it was really fun to layout.

3) Continue?…No

I really love drawing Batman, and I really did stop playing Arkham City because there was just too much to do. I felt a bit like I couldn’t focus when every few feet there’s a Riddler puzzle or a ringing cellphone nearby. Also the look on Batman’s face in that final panel still cracks me up!

4) Facial Hair Beware

I’m still really proud of that face/angle in the second panel and “Bigfoot Wesley” in the third.

5) Jesus Take the Box

I love this comic not so much cause it takes a jab at religion, but mainly because my brother and I came up with it while joking at an Easter service, also that last panel is still brilliantly funny/sad to me.

6) Picturing My Better Half

I love my wife, so anytime I get to include her in a comic is great, though I still don’t think my drawings of her do her justice, but they’re getting closer. Plus, drawing curly hair is really hard.

7) Rock N’ Room

I really love how the colorus come out in this and all the hidden little extra jokes, from the posters in the back to the tattoos on the rocker’s arm.

8) Regretful Rambo

I love the first panel in this comic and the concept of holding back on your rage due to feeling uncomfortable without a shirt…which I do.

9) Sad Thought

This comic was an experiment in my story telling style/look and it ended up coming out perfectly. I really love the pacing and subtly of it, plus it’s pretty much how my brain works, way too often.

10) Admiral Ack!Bar

Is this joke overplayed? Yes. Do I still love me some Ackbar? HELL YEAH! He was a blast to draw/parody and I really love the simpleness of the joke.

11) Shop Til You Drop

Look another comic with my wife! It still doesn’t do her justice, but it definitely does capture how ridiculously bad I am at clothes shopping.

12) Rejected D&D Monsters #31

This one of my favorite running gags in Nameless PCs cause who doesn’t love puns and Dungeons & Dragons? WHO?! If it’s you, you should probably stop reading my comic :)

13) Puppy Shower

This is the third comic to feature Tallulah (my Yorkiepoo puppy) and by far the only one that really captures her true spirit.

14) Captain My Captain

I love the way the colors ended up coming out in this one and the avatar looking downward in such anger…hilarious!

15) Suck It Up

I don’t tend to do longform often and that’s something I want to definitely change, and tighten up. This is my favorite of the comics from the Long Form Story I did in 2014, the colors and the subtle animation just work here for me, also the word bubble being sucked up as well came out great for me!

16) Not So Hot and Steamy

Pro tip to those just starting out in comics, shower humor is both fun and hilarious, at least to me.

17) Where the Mild Things Are

This comic has it all to me, one of my first comics using Manga Studio 5 (which I still love), parody of a classic, and a sadness in the humor. It’s like all of Max’s dreams and hopes were crushed by the corporate world of monsters, something I can relate to…unfortunately.

18) Lets Get Some Shoes

I love the way this comic came out, and better because it’s is what happened when I went shoe shopping with my wife (well I did a lot more sitting around waiting for her to find shoes than anything).

19) Stuffy Nose

I know it’s gross, but I wish I could really do this, I love his face on the last panel, he’s so proud of himself.

20) Quest Giver

The sadness and the justification of what just happened in the last panel kill me, this poor programmed guy has one goal, one goal he can’t accomplish because someone doesn’t have the patience to listen to him…how sad.


And there you have it. The top 20 comics I did in 2013. I’m looking forward to what 2014 has in store and I hope to be able to keep making comics for 10 more 200 more comics. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read them, retweet, upvote, or like them. It really means a lot to me. I know there are a ton of great webcomics out there and it honors me when you take the time to respond to mine.

Thanks again and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! See you in 2014!