So I know it’s been a few years since Arkham City was released but it was the last game I played where I had to put it down because the non fun bits were outweighing the fun bits for me.

I realize this is my own issue, my own obsessive compulsion with games that are too Sandboxy. I really loved Arkham Asylum and probably because it was pretty straight forward, you were Batman and you had to get to the Joker and get Arkham Asylum back in line. With Arkham City you had the choice of stopping Joker or saving the political prisoners, or helping Bane, or finding the ringing cellphones, or doing testing to upgrade your batsuit…you get my point.

For me, it was all too much, too easy to get lost in, every ten feet you found another group of thugs that needed to be beat up for some reason, or offering you another mission or thing that had to be done to save the city.

Anyways, between that and follow the counter on the map to see where gotham is coldest, or to figure out where the radio signals were coming from just turned me off to the game. Though I still want to go back and complete it cause I loved seeing how they re-imagined all the characters but it wasn’t enough to keep me going.

</Nerd Rant >