Huzzah! Another Earthbound comic (check the first one out here).

This one is starring Jeff, the nerdy boy who will fix your items while everyone else sleeps. In the game, Jeff is not your strongest fighter and is described as a shy and quiet boy, when you rest at a hotel Jeff will fix up equipment.

I have this image of Jeff lying in a hotel bed with a group of strangers unable to sleep, slipping out of bed and opening up his backback, doing what he does best repairing junk in hopes that will help in your fight against the evil space aliens, and while he’ll never be as important as Ness, he knows he did his best to help.


In other news, WE HAVE A WINNER in the second week of the “Name This PC” contest!

Congrats to Jeremy Morgan and his suggested name “Martha Marigold, faithful servant of the Goddess of Blueberry Pie.”

You can download a high resolution image of Martha from the Freebies page, or you can get it right here!

Enjoy and let me know if you end up using her in your game in some form or fashion. Check back Monday for a new nameless PC to draw and check back tomorrow for a new Fan Art Friday!