What? You guys don’t have private replicants of former President Richard Nixon in your house? Sucks for you.

In other news, a lot of comics I love are setting up Patreon/Commission pages and I implore you to check them out and maybe give a bit:
D20 Monkey Patreon Page
LunarBaboon Patreon Page
MercWorks Patreon Page
Legacy Control Commission Page

These guys are definitely worth your money! I’m hoping after the baby is born and I’m all settled in that I’ll be able to setup a Patreon page myself. I’d love to know what kind of rewards/milestones y’all would like to see for that, so if you got an opinion, voice it!

Also, check out my friend Melvin Smif’s blog page for a pretty awesome header image I had the honor of doing for him. I think it came out great.

Lastly, a shout out to comic friend/collabrator Jaydot Sloane at Vanity Games on the birth of her new child. I look forward to joining her ranks in a few short weeks.

Thanks and have a great week!