This weekend I participated in 24 Hour Comic Day. While I didn’t end up with 24 pages in 24 hours, I did end up with 11 pages and a completed story called “Falling”, for the next 11 days I’m going to post a page a day.

I have gone back and cleaned up the page a bit (mainly I colored the nose my trademark d1d3d1 grey and added some lines to the clouds so they look more like clouds and less like like soft fluffy poops…though they still look like that a bit).

I know the tone is a bit different from what is usually posted here, but I hope you still enjoy it. I plan also on writing up some of my feelings on how 24 hour comic day went, but I want some time to process everything, so that will probably come at the end of the story.

Also, right before 24 hour comic day, I got Manga Studio 5 and plan on trying to learn and play with it some, checkout my Twitter where I’ll be posting some sketches and drawings and my thoughts on Manga Studio 5 as I learn about.

Alright, I hope you enjoy and come back tomorrow to see another page of my 24 hour comic “Falling”