Today’s Fan Art Friday is for an amazing comic called “Anyone For Rhubarb?” by Christian Henry.


Bigger Rhubarb is merely a click away.

Anyone For Rhubarb?” is one of my FAVORITE webcomics out there. Art wise, I love everything from how Christian pushes the human form (his success there made me more willing to mess with the shape of my avatar’s nose), his line quality, and colors. On top of all that the comic it self is pure strange and usually non-linear humor that is just great. It all mashes up into a great comic that I love to read.

Since his comic doesn’t have many repeating characters I took his twitter profile pic and attempted to draw it in a mashup of both of our styles, which was a blast.

Alright, enough gushing from me, go out there and read “Anyone For Rhubarb?” and follow Christian on twitter and have a good day!