Today’s Fan Art Friday is of Benton from  THE SUPER AWESOME webcomic SideKick Quests.


Click on Benton to see him grow


Sidekick Quests is a beautifully done comic by the way over talented James Stowe.

It’s about a group of young adventurers and well their adventures. It does a great job of balancing story with James’s upcoming roleplaying game of the same name (I can not wait til it comes out so I can throw so much money at him).

In fact, I love this comic so much that I had previously done fan art for it (pictured below).


Click for larger group shot action

So there it is! Two Fan Art Fridays drawings for one AMAZING webcomic. So do yourself a favor, go read Sidekick Quests and go follow James on twitter, I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Until next time!