So I want to introduce a new section here at Nameless PCs, and that is Fan Art Fridays. This is where I’ll create art for things I am a fan of, be them webcomic, movie, show, videogame, or anything else I can think of.

Today’s Fan Art Friday, is about Company Man Comic by Frank Jordan


Click image for larger version

Company Man Comic is a great comic full of office humor, pop cultural references, and the occasional dumb joke (only on Thursdays). I love Frank’s character design and use of color. It really is a great comic.

Besides making a great comic, Frank is an avid supporter of all webcomics on Twitter. He was one of the first people to continiously retweet Nameless PCs when we first started (and to this day :D) and I think he helped us build an audience, and definitely helped me feel like the comic was going places. Also, he is a great guy and you should go check out his comic and follow him on Twitter!