Poor Jeff, how will he explain this to his boss?

In other news, yesterday I released my first ever “art book” for public consumption.

It’s a book of all the presidents drawn by me with little semi-accurate facts written below them called “I Drew the Presidents”. You can get the book by clicking on the link in the sidebar or right here! It’s 11.99 for a physical copy of the book and a PDF or 1.99 for just the PDF.

This has been a fun project and one of the first I’ve seen all the way to completion, it’s been a real learning experience and while I don’t expect to make a ton from it, it still taught me a lot. Mostly that I like holding my art in my hands and that I need to do more. I have a few plans for other projects, I just need to find the time for all of them.

Alright, that’s all for me. May your day be great and I’ll see ya Thursday!