So usually I don’t post my Fan Art Fridays as a comic cause they aren’t so much a comic as this other thing and such.
Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I worked hard on this and I think it’s hilarious!

For you sad saps that grew up not watching the McLaughlin Group, let me present a two minute clip that pretty much sums up the show.

The only thing that is missing from the clip is when John McLaughlin would go around and ask for predictions and then exclaim that they were all WRONG!
Oh it was brilliant!

Anyways flash to a few days back, @solarpowerspork and I where talking on twitter about what if he ran a D&D game and well…here we are now. So enjoy and go watch the McLaughlin Group, it’s pretty much old folks yelling at other old folks, so really the internet before it was invented.

Happy Friday y’all!!