Get it! koBALD…Man am I easily amused :).

In case you’re new here, or have just forgotten, this isn’t my first attempt at making “Rejected D&D Monsters”, check out the others (here, here, here, & here).

Honestly, they are a bit of a fail safe for when I run into that day when I just can’t think of anything (or more so that I have a concept but haven’t molded it into exactly what I want yet), plus they are fun! This one gave me a chance to be a bit more painterly in the coloring, and I had a good time stretching my wings there.

I should also tell you that this joke is part of the ongoing war that @Sorcerer_Blob and I have over on the twitter. He contends that Kobolds are superior to Bullywugs and I think he is wronger than wrong! This weekend happened to be his birthday and I could think of no better gift then to mock his beloved Kobolds (power to the hoppers!).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and I’ll see ya Thursday!