What is Dark Souls, you ask? It’s a really fair and totally difficult crawl through the depths of a dungeon, full of skeletons, scary monsters, and tough bosses. The game is unforgiving, but  in a really honest way. It lets you know right up front. Does this sound wonderful, but you don’t have time to play? Well let me recommend Angry Plays: Dark Souls, it’s all of the misery of the game, with fun commentary from the Angry DM, in other words pure awesomeness.

I’m going to level with ya here. I love the first Dark Souls, but I’m not good at it. I’ve gotten stuck trying to fight a giant month. It’s a bit sad.

That said, I’ll probably go and buy Dark Souls 2 when the price drops a bit.

Also, check it out, it’s the first comic to guest star my younger brother Devin. I love my little bro, so expect to see more of him. Perhaps we’ll go on an adventure together!