It’s finally baby time! My wife is getting induced early Tuesday morning and so for the next month or so, I will be bringing you a plethora of some great guest comics, by friends and fellow cartoonists.

First off, is a comic by my good friend Pierce (aka @Sorcerer_Blob on twitter) which I think sets up what will be happening for the next month.

Pierce is a guy I met on the internet a little over a year ago through chatting about RPG games and art, we met up at last year’s Gen Con and usually end up G Chatting about once a day or so, in between tweeting each other threats about which is better Bullywugs or Kobolds (Bullywugs). He is a great guy and I’ve been real lucky to meet him and hangout with him, and super lucky that he would decide to help me and kick start this Paternity Party.

Anyways, there’s ton more comics, all of which are frickin’ fantastic and I can’t wait to share!

Check out more of Pierce’s work here, follow him on twitter, and then buy his Dungeon World Adventure!

See ya soon! -Wesley