“We didn’t start the fire, it’s been burning since the world was turning…”

Everytime I try to write a serious post about the election and how it feels now, I end up deleting it. Safe to say, whichever side you are on, no one seems happy.

Looking at Trump staff picks makes me terrified of the future. At best, there is incompetence for four years and then we vote in somebody with some skill who picks up the broken pieces and slowly starts to put them back together. At worst, we are in a war and people are dying. It’s most likely somewhere in between the two, but with Trump being so coy about stuff, it’s honestly hard to say.

Either way, we have to face the facts that there is no “them” and “us” now, just a “we the people”, and we need to figure out how to come together…which is a lot harder to do than it is to type.

Anyways, that’s a lot of writing for a three panel dumb gag strip, but there it is. Have a nice night/day/whenever and thanks for reading my comic!