This is a true story, immediately afterwards Pen punch off my head and then flew through the roof and made out with the moon.

On Friday, I got to see a lecture by Pen Ward (the Creator of Adventure Time), he was super casual and very friendly. Some of the key things that he noted to before all that were: that the best way to make things, is to just make things, make deadlines for yourself and just try whatever it is you want, and just be passionate/have fun with your work.

It was a real fun time and I’m glad I got to go. I even gave him a copy of my “I Drew the Presidents” Book (you can buy a copy here if you’d like). Well, I say I but I mean my buddy and editor the talented Adam Richards (check out his music and then hire him to edit, or sing to you, or just hangout).

Thanks everybody and have a craptastic day! Haha April Fools…have a good one.