Never take advice from a guy without pants. That’s what my mom always told me.

In other news, I’m growing old. My birthday is next week and it’s got me thinking about aging and what it means, so there might be more of these kind of comics. I hope you like them.

I’m also experimenting some more with style. I pulled out the shading from this one as the comics and cartoons I’ve been watching lately rely on it less and I wanted to see how it looked without any. also, messing around how to do frames. I’ve never liked doing the conventional frame setup and like a more loose frame situation. Thoughts?

Lastly, in case you missed it over the weekend. I did a guest comic for one of my favorite comics Lunarbaboon! I’m honored that he allowed me to play in his world with his characters and I hope you enjoy it, check it out here.

Thanks and I’ll see ya Thursday where I will be one step closer to death…I mean 30.