During our birthing class weekend we had to watch several movies, and each time the teacher made them sound like they would be awful. “We’re about to see a Natural Birth, get ready. This movie has an epidermal, raise your hand if you feel faint!”

Each time she said these things, I prepared for some blood, guts, or grossness. There was none, but the group still would gasp…except Angela. Angela is tough. She said she watched a birthing video in Junior High, so these films must have seemed like child’s play. She also is unafraid to google search anything. She may be a bit crazy, she did marry me after all.

In other news my good friend Pierce put out a book which is a scenario for Dungeon World. It’s a great book and I love both the art and the layout. You should check it out! Also, don’t forget I have a book to, It’s about the presidents and it’s still for sale here.

Alright, thanks for letting me talk about my experience with birthing class this week, I promise next week, it won’t be so umm birth oriented.

Have a good one, and I’ll see ya Tur