My wife and I had talked about using a sling/ergo/bjorn (basically a baby fanny pack) and had thought “Oh this just seems like an easy way to carry our little one that requires less large objects and still gives us use of our hands”. Thats when we found out it was called “baby wearing” and has a whole following around it and dos and don’ts (mostly you want to avoid anything that puts too much weight on the baby hips as it can cause problems).

But I’m still convince that duct taping babies to a windbreaker is pretty much the same thing…I mean they are really easy to clean. The windbreakers, babies are notoriously hard to clean. Plus, you can get them cheap at almost any goodwill, again we’re talking about Windbreakers.

In other news this marks my 250th comic! Which is pretty cool.

Thanks and see ya Thursday,