Today is the 2nd Anniversary of our wedding (we got legally married the day before). It was on this day that friends and family gathered in a chilly old saloon in Nashville and we got hitched, with a sermon given by the talented Matt Roberts, it involved Prince quotes, Battlestar Galatica plot points, and so much more. Afterwards we ate a lot of fried chicken, pie, and a giant robot cake (that was my surprise groom cake), and some terrible terrible dancing (I’m looking at you Granville Powers).

There was dancing, fun, and of course a lot of love in the air, but no moment was so special as the time my father took a shot with me. I had never seen him drink up to that point in my life and it was a very “you my son are now a man and also my equal” kind of moment in my eyes, but I could just be projecting.

It was a great night, that ended too early and seems both like yesterday and a lifetime away.

Thank you Angela, my wife, for marrying me that day, and thank you for all the other times in our relationship when you have encouraged, inspired, or just plain moved me in the direction of my dreams. You are truly one of kind, and truly an inspiration.


See ya Thursday!