Here is the final page. As you can guess by this time I was more than a little tired. I feel like the page is a bit of a cop out with a lot of text, but it was the best way I knew how to conclude the story.

In the original version I had in my head, the guy wakes up from a dream in bed with his wife and tells her he has the strangest dream about falling, and she says that nice. The final frame would be a pan out of the bed, the nightstands, lamp, and other living room equipment all falling as the little grey nose Wesley guy lays back down and goes to sleep. Unfortunately, I ran out of time.
Thanks for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun reading it as I did making it. I learned a lot from the process and hopefully I’ll get faster to participate again next year…and maybe even finish it up :).

I’ll be back to normal postings on Tuesday! Thanks again.